Carrion Crow
(Corvus corone)

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Found throughout the Uk, the carrion crow is part of the crow family along with jackdaws, magpie's, ravens, and can be seen in most city centres, they are excellent scavengers


All black glossy feathers with subtle green and purple, 40 - 55cm in length, 300 - 600kg in weight, Average life span 4 years


3 - 8 broods per year, 3 - 4 eggs per brood, incubation 16 - 20 days, Fledge within 2 months


Natural scavengers, they will eat grain, seeds, insects, fruit, small mammals, dead animals and steal eggs from other birds nest

Carrion crows can be found in grasslands, parks, gardens.


Reasons for control

Property damage:

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