Common Garden Snail
(Cornu aspersum)

Common Garden Ant.jpg

The Common Garden Snail is a herbivore that feeds on plant matter and will come out at night or after rainfall, the snail.

Brownish body, covered in slimy mucus, Large thin shell, Shells will have brown, yellow, chestnut colours
Adult shells have 4 - 5 whorls30 - 120 at one time, Does not need a mate to reproduce
Can live for 1 - 5 years, depending on habitat



They prefer to feed on starchy or decaying foods, and can get most of their water consumption from their surroundings and food they eat.



They can be found under manholes in sewers, under flat roofs, basements, between wood, brick, even in gardens.

Reason for control

Nuisance: Snails are usually noticed by the trail marks that they leave behind when in the home. These can be found in basements by back doors and the kitchen area.

Detecting what and where your pest coming is from is key to any pest prevention.
If you are coming downstairs every morning to a fresh batch of droppings in the kitchen but have no idea where they come from, it could be a long while before you get rid of them. Identification is important, what to look for and to react quickly will greatly benefit you in the long term.

Trail Marks
Snails will leave a shiny trail behind them

Detecting an infestation

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