German Cockroach
(Blattella germanica)

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The German cockroach is the most common cockroach found in the UK today. A smaller species of cockroach, these cockroaches will produce more eggs and can have three to four generations per year.

An adult German cockroach is between 12-17mm long, they are a rusty brown colour with two black stripes on the head. Both the male and female have wings as long as the body or slightly overlapping, but they cannot fly, however, they can glide small distances across a surface. They are also very good climbers, climbing smooth surfaces as well as rough.



The female will produce between 4-5 egg capsules (oothecae) in her lifetime, she will carry an egg capsule until nearing birth. Each egg capsule will hold 20-30 eggs. Depending on the temperature, it takes around a month for the eggs to hatch. Once they have hatched the whole nymphal development time will be 6 weeks to 6 months, in that time the nymphs will go through 5 to 7 moult stages until an adult.


They are considered omnivorous but prefer to feed on starchy or decaying foods but will eat almost anything they can. They can get most of their water consumption from their surroundings and food they eat but can live without food for around 30 days but without water only around 15 days.


Found in heated areas of high humidity and mostly at night, they can be found between gaps and crevices, behind plug sockets, motors of electrical equipment such as fridges and microwaves, toasters, kettles etc. Will usually gain entry into your home through packaging or materials brought in, they can also gain access from other infested properties.

Reason for control

Cockroach infestations can cause considerable discomfort to people where an infestation is present.
The cockroach or faeces may cause allergic reactions among some people.

Food safety
Cockroaches have the ability to transfer pathogens. Foods tainted by cockroaches can cause food poisoning as well as a host of diseases.

Small pellets, almost the size of gravy granules can be found in cupboards along walls and outside their point of entry to your property.

​Egg cases
Placed and hatched egg cases is another clear sign of roaches.

Detecting an infestation

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