Oriental Cockroach
(Blatta orientalis)

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The Oriental cockroach both male and female are very dark brown almost black. Sometimes called water bugs, they can be found living in moist high humidity areas such as boiler rooms, basements ceiling voids and can be found under manhole covers, flat roofs, and drains.

Reddish-brown or black in colour
Adults are between 20mm-30mm



Between 14-18 of eggs per oothecae (Egg Case)
Between 1-18 ootheca produced, average 10
Egg to adult in 6-18 months


They prefer to feed on starchy or decaying foods, and can get most of their water consumption from their surroundings and food they eat.


They can be found under manholes in sewers, under flat roofs, basements, between wood, brick, even in gardens.

Reason for control

Cockroach infestations can cause considerable discomfort to people where an infestation is present. The cockroach or faeces may cause allergic reactions among some people.

​Food safety
Cockroaches have the ability to transfer pathogens. Foods tainted by cockroaches can cause food poisoning as well as a host of diseases.

Small pellets, almost the size of gravy granules can be found in cupboards along walls and outside their point of entry to your property.

Egg cases
Placed and hatched egg cases is another clear sign o

Detecting an infestation

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