European Hornet
(Vespa crabro)

European Paper Wasp.jpg

The European hornet is not known to be aggressive unless you are attacking it, or its nest. These can be found in the south of Britain. These creatures should be regarded as pest controllers themselves, they are great at keeping the population of other vertebrates down

Black and yellow abdomen, black and red thorax and head
Adult workers are around 3 cm Long, Queen around 4 cm long



Queens can produce 2-3 a day
Only the queen will survive the winter


The hornet will capture a vast range of insects to feed the larvae, and in turn, the larvae secrete a sugary liquid that the adults will eat. They will also eat sap from trees.


The Queen will make her nest in hollow trees out of chewed plant material and her saliva to make a paper-like nest

Reasons for control


Food safety:

Detecting an infestation

Detecting what and where your pest coming is from is key to any pest prevention.
If you are coming downstairs every morning to a fresh batch of droppings in the kitchen but have no idea where they come from, it could be a long while before you get rid of them. Identification is important, what to look for and to react quickly will greatly benefit you in the long term.

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