Filter fly

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Filter fly or Drain fly are usually found breeding where rotten organic material can be found. More of a nuisance fly than anything. You are most likely to start seeing them coming from bathroom/kitchen sinks.

Grey/brownish in colour
Scales on the wings make them moth-like in appearance



Eggs laid in rotten organic material
Larvae hatch within 48 hours, Pupation in days, The average life span of 2-5 days


Filter fly will feed on organic rotten food in drains and pipes


Filter will live in and around drain pipes, the overflow

Reasons for control


Food safety:

Detecting an infestation

Detecting what and where your pest coming is from is key to any pest prevention.
If you are coming downstairs every morning to a fresh batch of droppings in the kitchen but have no idea where they come from, it could be a long while before you get rid of them. Identification is important, what to look for and to react quickly will greatly benefit you in the long term.

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